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Welcome to the SLO County  3rd Annual SLO County Gang and Youth Violence Prevention website!

We are excited to announce our keynote speakers for the 3rd Gang and Youth Violence Prevention Conference:  Professor Al Valdez, UC Irvine Professor and author of A Community’s Response to Street Gangs.

Azim Khamsia is a speaker and author of three books, the latest being “The Secrets of a Bulletproof Spirit : How to Bounce Back from Life’s Hardest Hits”

The conference will be a great opportunity for local professionals to learn about current gang trends in San Luis Obispo County and about the various efforts to fight gang and youth violence using prevention, intervention, suppression and re-entry strategies.

Click here to complete the registration form and pay registration fee. Thank you!

We are also putting together a resource list for services involving gang prevention, rehabilitation, treatment and re-entry. If you are interested in adding your services, please go to the List Your Services page.

Lastly, feel free to invite other fellow professionals.

We hope you enjoy the training!

Marci Powers
San Luis Obispo Anti-Gang Coordinating Commission

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New Gang Resources (Including Spanish)

Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention – Selected Gang Resources from website.

Download Directions (for PC):
right-click on the link, left-click on “Save link as…”, select the location and name for the file, and finally left-click the “Save” button;
left-click the link, then right-click on the document after it’s fully shown, click “Save as…”, select location and name for the file, and finally left-click the “Save” button.

  1. Parents’ Guide to Gangs -English (2 pgs)
  2. Parents’ Guide to Gangs – Spanish (2 pgs)
  3. The Impact of Gangs on the Community (9 pgs)
  4. Preventing Adolescent Gang Involvement (12 pgs)
  5. The End of the Line: California Gangs and the Promise of Street Peace by Luis Rodriguez (12 pages)
  6. Pandillas:_Una_Respuesta_Comunitaria 1 of 3 (18 pgs)
  7. Pandillas:_Una_Respuesta_Comunitaria_2 of 3 (20 pgs)
  8. Pandillas:_Una_Respuesta_Comunitaria_3 of 3 (24 pgs)
  9. History of Street Gangs (25 pgs)
  10. Quick Guide to Gangs (39 pgs)
  11. Comprehensive Gang Prevention Model OJJDP (71 pgs)
  12. Homeboy Mental Health Power Point Presentation
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Mental Health Resources

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Resources from Homeboy Industries Mental Health:

1. Exposure to Partner, Family, and Community Violence: Missing Links in Young Latina Women’s Risk for Unintended Pregnancy

2. Trauma-Based Approach

3. Homeboy Industries Program Schedule

4. Adolescent Females Pathways Into Gangs: Exploring Childhood Exposures to Violence and Gang Affiliation Among Urban Latina Adolescent Females

5. Treating adult survivors of severe childhood abuse and neglect: Further development of an integrative model

The information above was added by the Anti-Gang Training Planning Committee, however the information below is generated automatically by WordPress and cannot be removed. Feel free to click on the links at your own risk.

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